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This file lists major, incompatible or otherwise important changes, you should look at it after every update.
2016-08-23 DEPRECATION: The old plain text API used by fb-client <2.0 is now
deprecated. A warning will be shown for every file uploaded via
the old API.
2016-08-23 IMPORTANT: Fix an issue with git hooks not working when the installation is
moved. now creates relative symlinks. If you have moved
your installation and `git pull` does not display the content of the NEWS file,
you have to run `scripts/` manually once. Working
installations are upgraded automatically.
2016-08-23 NEW DEPENDENCY: composer. Currently only used for the test suite, but it will
likely be used more widely in the future.
2016-08-23 Allow users to delete their own account via a link on the profile page.
2016-08-23 Add code coverage output to test suite and lots of new tests.
2016-07-21 Add asciinema support for files called *.asciinema.json
2016-07-13 Fix incorrect content in clipboard when copying paste content from
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